First Full-Time Vaccine Injury Lobbyist: Stop Suppressing Our Stories | Kyle Warner | Ep 32

Kyle Warner is the first full-time vaccine injury lobbyist in the United States and a three-time North American Enduro Mountain Bike Champion. Since his own battle with vaccine-induced myo/peri carditis in the summer of 2021, Kyle began speaking out to help raise awareness for others who were vaccine-injured and was surprised by the active suppression of their stories. He has been helping with the mission of React 19, a science-based non-profit offering financial, physical, and emotional support for those suffering from long-term Covid-19 vaccine adverse events. Gaining drive and momentum, Kyle is now lobbying for React 19 to help advocate for fair and timely vaccine injury compensation.

Seeking to depoliticize and humanize the issue, Kyle and show host, Sienna Mae Heath, explore the winding curves on his journey so far, his experience of being interviewed by a New York Times reporter, and how the twisting of words in Big Pharma is making an already complex, corrupt system more deceptive. He also unearths some of what congresspeople are saying behind closed doors.

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Sienna Mae Heath

Sienna Mae Heath is a growth writer. Sienna is the star and writer of the short documentary Real Unity produced by Free the People and screened at the Anthem Film Festival (FreedomFest) 2021. She now hosts Leaving the Left for Liberty on Free the People where she interviews whistleblowers, dissidents, and other alternative voices in the Western World. Empowering empaths through flowing truth in timely essays and poignant poetry, her most recent pieces have been featured on The Kim Iversen Show, The Equiano Project, Braver Angels Media, Medium’s Society, History, and Race pages, and The Independent’s “Conversations.” Locally in the Lehigh Valley, PA, she is known for cocreating a more beautiful world as The Sovereign Gardener and for developing The Hero’s Journey worksheet to guide survivors of abuse in telling their stories of liberation. Follow her on Substack, Medium, Instagram, and Twitter.

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