Educating Citizens in How to Restore Localism

#116 Great.com Talks With… Free the People

Politicians tend to garner a notorious reputation for false promises to solutions that could very well be decided at a local level. Connecting people to resources centered around individual liberty, while prioritizing community-based resolutions that value civil liberties, has the potential to renew trust in bottom-up politics. In this episode, we spoke with Logan Albright from Free the People about the importance of education in developing governance structures that are truly representative of the people.

“When people make their own decisions, their lives are better.”

In the United States, political representation falls into two distinct categories—democratic (liberal) and republican (conservative). This spectrum has the tendency to distract individuals in society from the larger issues that can bring us all together. Some of the solutions to these issues are easier to access than others. Logan Albright explains that people know best and that the public feels it’s time to have more control over the decisions that dictate their lives.

Listen to the whole interview to find out how to combat mainstream adherence to common ideology and begin taking matters into your own hands. You can also subscribe to Free The People’s YouTube channel for updates on new videos and consider making a donation. Returning national ideology back to the local level reinstates agency back to communities of competent decision makers.

This article originally appeared on Great.com.

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