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Man vs. The Welfare State

 Author: Henry Hazlitt  Date Published: 1969  File Size: 9.7 MB  Download

In America today, most of the older generation—and many of the young—stand appalled at the nihilism of the self-styled Now Generation and its demands for unattainable reforms, or merely for the sheer destruction of whatever is established.

But the cynicism, nihilism, and revolt of “youth,” and even of some of its parents, are the result of a common cause. In the last generation politicians and governments have been promising the voters that they could not only bring perpetual full employment, prosperity, and “economic growth,” but solve the age-old problem of poverty overnight. And the end result is not merely that accomplishment has fallen far short of promises, but that the attempt to fulfill the promises has brought an enormous increase in government spending, an enormous increase in the burden of taxes, chronic deficits, chronic inflation, and a constant loss in the buying power of the people’s earnings and savings. “Social Security” has brought an ominous increase in social insecurity.

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