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Time Will Run Back

 Author: Henry Hazlitt  Date Published: 2007  File Size: 1.7 MB  Download

Henry Hazlitt was uniquely qualified to write the first and only novel in which the problem of economic calculation provides the central plot theme. He was literary editor of the Nation from 1930 to 1933 and a highly regarded critic. He also understood Mises’s argument against socialism and how it went to the very core of the economic problem. Time Will Run Back—which has been out of print for a very long time but which is now available both online (in PDF) and from our store—is unique in other respects. Few people in the 1950s imagined that communism would fall of its own dead weight, but Hazlitt understood what others did not. He also saw that a mixed system would fail of its own internal contradictions. This book thus teaches economics in a special way that is accessible to people of all ages, but to teens in particular because the story is fictional. And yet it is not fictional: what Hazlitt forecasts in this book—the unraveling of a system—actually did take place. So his novel might be seen as a foreshadowing of events in Russia, China, and elsewhere.

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