Michael Shreve

Michael graduated with a BA in Mass Communications with a lot of photography experience. He transformed this into Medical Photography for pioneering hand surgeons and photos in top medical publications. He then found he had an aptitude for computer programming, making a second career as a programmer and analyst for many years. However, he could not abandon writing and continued with courses from American Writers and Artists Institute (travel writing, copywriting, business to business writing), as well as compiling a paperback of his poems.

He also found time to be an avid surfer, scuba diver, motorcyclist, softball player, ultimate frisbee player, and snowboarder.

Michael’s life took a sharp turn when he was hit by an SUV while riding his Harley to work. Four days in a coma, ICU, ten weeks in a wheelchair, a paralyzed arm, and a year of disability will put the brakes on hard. With walking papers from his job (although he couldn’t walk) and time to sit for a while, he took web development courses online. He developed several websites and wrote all of the content. His body has now healed to almost normal, with some additional titanium plates, and he is back at ultimate frisbee and surfing. Michael likes to say, “They can’t kill ME.”

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