Mark Tordai

Screenwriter, journalist, Independent Spirit Awards voter, blogger, cinefile, rugby union enthusiast.

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3 Reasons Why Science Fiction is Film’s Greatest Genre

Science fiction — it is the genre of future societies, alien invasions, and robotic technologies. Of the many dozens of genres and subgenres in film, science fiction has always been my favourite, ever since I was a boy. To me, science fiction has to be the most imaginative genre...

Why Titanic Is a Terrible Movie

The blockbuster to end all blockbusters, 1997’s Titanic, directed by James Cameron was for many years the highest grossing movie in box office history. Setting off a chain reaction that would infect everything from pop culture to the antique market, Titanic is considered by many to be one...

Why Avatar Is a Terrible Movie

In 2009, director James Cameron broke international box office records with his sci-fi, fantasy, epic about humans colonizing a resource enriched planet and the natives who stand up against the colonization process. The movie, Avatar, would go onto make a record $2.788 billion dollars...

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