Logan Albright

Logan Albright is the Director of Research at Free the People. Before Free the People, Logan was the Senior Research Analyst at FreedomWorks, and was responsible for producing a wide variety of written content, research for staff media appearances, and scripts for video production. Logan also managed the research and interviews with congressional candidates used for endorsements by FreedomWorks PAC.

He received his Master’s degree in economics from Georgia State University in 2011, before promptly setting out for DC to fight for liberty. He first discovered the ideas of liberty during his time at Oberlin College, where his contrarian nature drove him into countless hours of heated debate at this bastion of progressive thought. Logan occasionally takes time out from his busy schedule of railing against the evils of government to play the part of musician, amateur novelist, and moustache enthusiast.

Latest Posts

Those Nutty Professors

These days, it seems like America’s colleges are the refuge not of enlightened curiosity, but of dogmatic extremism. Free speech zones, trigger warnings, and microaggressions have recently been added to the lexicon to describe new ways that students must be protected from thoughts that might upset them.

Mr. Belichick Goes to Washington

Bill Belichick, coach of the New England Patriots, has been appointed to head the White House Sports Council. Now I know a lot of people have strong opinions about Belichick, but I just want to say… wait a minute… there’s a White House Sports Council?!

Fashionable Fascists, or the Dangers of Populism

Fascism was a 20th century authoritarian movement that swept across Europe, encompassing Spain, Italy, and most famously, Germany. The fascists were intensely nationalist, combining ideas of national greatness with general xenophobia to justify increased government control.

In Search of Wisdom Among Dictators

When we look at the failures of communism, socialism, fascism, and any form of top-down government planning, there are two common themes that emerge again and again. The first is power, and its tendency to corrupt. The second is the presumption of knowledge by government planners.

Politics In Three Dimensions

It’s a two party system, right? If you don’t support the Republicans, you’re helping the Democrats, and vice versa. On the more extreme ends of the spectrum, you’re either a communist or a fascist. But what if you’re not a communist or a fascist?

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