Dennis Decker

Dennis Decker’s liberty education started not long after he graduated from BYU in 2010. During his daily commute he listened to Sam Bushman on Liberty Roundtable, and supplemented by reading the articles Sam collected on his news feed, especially works by Joel Skousen, Chuck Baldwin, and the late, great William Griggs. Later he found the library at FEE.org, and added Jeffrey Tucker, Frédéric Bastiat, Lysander Spooner, and many more to his list of teachers.

Since graduating, he has tried his hand at a lot of different jobs. He’s been a teacher, a technical writer, a powder coatings quality assurance tech (literally, stayed up all night watching paint dry), a residential treatment caregiver, a baker, a business owner, a farmer (agricultural program lead at a youth ranch), an insurance agent, a medical support/supply salesman, a handyman, a blogger, and a few other things.

Throughout these adventures, the constants in his life have been his faith, his family, a few excellent friends, and his passion for principles of liberty and skills of practical independence, such as permaculture, homeschooling, natural medicine, etc. Board games, too.

In recent years Dennis has supplemented his reading with several excellent podcasts: Kibbe on Liberty, The Tom Woods Show, Freedom Under Fire, The Brion McClanahan Show, Survival Podcast, The Corbett Report, The Libertarian Christian Podcast, and of course the Ron Paul Liberty Report. You can find more of his writing and perspectives at LibertySprings.org.

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