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Try Saying Sorry First

So there’s this Atlantic article getting a lot of comment, mostly negative as far as I can tell, for suggesting we need an amnesty of Wuflu actions. Now to a degree I get where the writer is coming from. And she certainly has had opprobrium from just about everyone for some of the...

Wuhan Virus, What We Know Today

We’re some 6 months into the Wuflu pandemic and science and medical research has taught us a lot about the virus and the disease it causes, but scientific research doesn’t move in a linear direction and findings get retracted, invalidated and so on. Hence, unless you are a...

Wuhan Coronavirus – An Origin Hypothesis

The origin of the Wuhan coronavirus has always seemed a little underpants gnomes business-plan like with vagueness on some of the middle parts. I think it is fairly certain that the original reservoir from which the virus developed was a colony of horseshoe bats. And there seems little...

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