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Free Ross Ulbricht

Rep. Thomas Massie speaks out on the cruel and unusual punishment inflicted on Ross Ulbricht by the criminal justice system.

My Conversation with Ross Ulbricht

I had a quick phone conversation with Ross Ulbricht the other day. I expressed my support and passed on the support of thousands of others. His voice was clear, with a pretty tenor intonation. He thanked me for the public support I’ve given him. We exchanged a few other thoughts. It was a...

Ross Ulbricht Should Be Freed in a Fair Trial

The criminal trial of Ross Ulbricht, the man alleged to be the “Dread Pirate Roberts” who started the darknet’s Silk Road website, is coming up soon. As might be expected, the prosecution in the case are engaging in shady tactics, such as not permitting the jury to hear about Ross’s own...

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