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Emailgate vs. Watergate

There’s an interesting NY Slimes apologium for Clinton’s email disaster that claims that it is not actually worse that Watergate as certain people, e.g. A Mr D. Trump, have claimed. The piece is written by one of the watergate lawyers so there’s a certain amount of...

Email Speculation

Everyone and his dog has theories on how Weiner got the Abedin/Clinton emails and what their significance is. I’m no different. Here’s my speculative take. What I suspect happened was this. Abedin had a laptop onto which she installed an email program (e.g. MS Outlook) that...

Why Hillary Clinton’s Email Server Matters

Since I’m not a US citizen this is in large part “not my circus, not my monkeys” BUT, as someone who works in Internet security and has had dealing with people doing classified stuff, the email server IS A VERY VERY BIG DEAL. Whether it makes her worse than Trump is...

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