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The TVA Idea

 Author: Dean Russell  Category: Other Books  Published: 1949  File Size: 5.7 MB  Download

From the author:

The issue of government ownership of the means of production is no longer open to discussion in Russia. That issue was decisively settled by revolution.

The issue of government ownership of the means of production is still open to discussion here in America. This study is dedicated to that discussion.

Obviously, in a short study, one cannot examine all forms of government ownership in America. Thus it becomes necessary to select a specific example of government in business. Since this is the case, why not choose an industry that is in great danger of complete nationalization — the electrical industry? And within the electrical industry, why not concentrate on the government project that enjoys the highest degree of popular support — the Tennessee Valley Authority?

This study of TVA logically falls into two parts. First, what is the monetary cost of TVA? Second, what are the social, political and economic consequences of the TVA idea?

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