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SFL/LFA Short Fiction Contest Collection

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Students for Liberty and the Libertarian Fiction Authors Association recently announced the winners of their first ever Libertarian Short Story Contest. With 169 total entries received, the contest’s five judges had their work cut out for them whittling the submission pool down to just three winners and seven runners up.

The story prompt was “write a short story that illustrates the positive role of freedom in human life,” and the following ten stories delivered on that in spades and with a multiplicity of perspectives. From historical period pieces to near future sci-fi adventures, cutting satire, and powerful contemporary explorations of revolution and liberation, these stories will entertain, charm, and, hopefully, enlighten.

The winners were:

1st Place: “The Coals Burned Low” by Ahmed Khalifa
2nd Place: “House of Refuge” by Michael DiBaggio
3rd Place: “A Masterpiece of the Literature of Liberty” by Jack McDonald Burnett

Runners-up (in alphabetical order by author):

“The Choice” by Alyssa Altadonna
“Nuclear Bomb Freedom” by Claude David
“Government Cupid” by Oliver Fisher
“The Rescue” by Jaylan Phoenix
“If Pigs Had Wings” by William Alan Ritch
“What You Don’t Get About Freedom” by Wendy Rodriguez
“Processing Power” by Richard Walsh

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