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Ludwig von Mises on Money and Inflation

 Author: Ludwig von Mises  Category: Other Books  Published: 2010  File Size: 1.2 MB  Download

In the 1960s, Ludwig von Mises lectured often on money and inflation. Bettina Bien Greaves was there taking shorthand. She has been working to transcribe them for a very long time. At last the results are here and they are fantastic.

To have this work is like having Mises as your private tutor, telling you about money and inflation in a casual setting and in plain language. He is the prophet of the 20th century on these topics, and here he presents his entire apparatus.

True, this book is not technically by Mises. It is not something he signed off on. But they are his lectures, and they provide a glimpse into the workings of an incredible mind on a topic that is crucial to our future.

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