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The Theory of Prices: A Re-Examination of the Central Problems of Monetary Theory, Vol. II

 Author: Arthur W. Marget  Date Published: 1966  File Size: 65.2 MB  Download

From the author:

In the first volume of this work, I set myself the task of welding into a single, unified organon the disparate, and often apparently contradictory, analytical approaches to certain “central problems of monetary theory.” In the present volume, I have set myself the task of merging the organon so constructed into a still more comprehensive organon. The purpose of this more comprehensive formulation is to integrate “monetary theory,” in the narrower sense of the term, with the “general” Theory of Value. This volume, moreover, like the first volume, has a further purpose: namely, that of providing a documented illustration of the processes by which the resultant body of analysis has come to be what it is.

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