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Gold, the Golden Rule, and Government: Civil Society and the End of the State

 Author: D. G. White  Date Published: 2009  File Size: 234.1 KB  Download

Without money, there can be little in the way of economic specialization, or what is commonly known as the division of labor. And without the division of labor, there can be little in the way of civilization. In pre-agricultural hunter-gatherer society, labor is primarily limited to these two endeavors, the hunting generally done by men and the gathering by women. So, too, is labor limited in early agricultural society, the men generally doing the farming and women the domestic work. And while proto-money might be involved, economic exchange is generally limited to barter, which requires a coincidence of wants that is far too inelastic to allow for the manifold exchange of goods and services that is the lifeblood of civil society.

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