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Sound Money Is Freedom in Venezuela

November 29, 2017 by Matt Kibbe

As their currency is devoured by a socialist government and hyperinflation, Matt Kibbe explains how Venezuelans are turning to Bitcoin to preserve their wealth and keep their businesses afloat.

Forget Policy, Politics Is Just Team Sports

November 29, 2017 by Logan Albright

Go, team! Come game day, our boys are going to mop the floor with your guys. It’s a rivalry that goes back almost as long as the game itself, and we’ve got a score to settle. Never mind that the players today aren’t the same ones who made the team great originally. Heck, they’re not even the same town. They’ve bounced around from team to team, sure, but today they’re ours! And never mind that ownership of the team has never remained a constant, with billionaires with no connection to the sport able to buy and sell franchise as a way of boosting their portfolio and/or their public profile. …

The Mixed Messages of Disney’s “Coco”

November 29, 2017 by Logan Albright

Over Thanksgiving, I took my two young nieces to see the latest Disney/Pixar animated film, “Coco.” In brief, the film is about a boy, Miguel, who pursues his ambitions as a musician in spite of his music-hating family’s wishes. Through a supernatural mishap, he finds himself transported to the land of the dead, struggling to get home before it’s too late.

But more interesting than the story itself is the film’s political context. The SJW crowd has put studios, Disney included, in an impossible position. You’re not allowed to make too many movies about white people, and when you make movies about other cultures, accusations of cultural appropriation come flying. …

The Road Goes Ever On: What’s Next for Middle Earth?

November 20, 2017 by Logan Albright

It’s the end of an era. Christopher Tolkien, the son of renowned fantasy author J.R.R. Tolkien, has announced at the age of 93 that he is resigning his position as literary executor of his father’s estate. What does this mean for fans of “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings”?

I’m a major Tolkien fan. Some might even accuse me of being a nerd, but we all have our cross to bear, and I’ll try to soldier on.

A long attention span and obsessive attention to detail must run in the Tolkien family. Coincidentally in light of this news, I just finished reading the monumental ten-volume series that composed much of Christopher Tolkien’s life’s work, an annotated collection of almost every word his father wrote about the history and mythology of the world he created, Middle-earth. …

Don’t Buy in to Black Friday Propaganda

November 20, 2017 by Logan Albright

Hey everybody, it’s that time of year again! Black Friday is upon us, and that’s just the start of the frenzy that is the holiday shopping season. And with the season come the perennial claims that it’s your patriotic duty to go out and spend as much money as you can afford to. How else are we going to stimulate the economy and make sure everyone has a job for next year?

Not to be a Grinch, but I’m afraid I’m here to bust a hole in the common misconception that consumer spending is good for the economy. As counterintuitive as it might sound, saving, not spending, is the primary instrument of economic growth. …

What Should Be Done About Anti-Vaxxers?

November 14, 2017 by Logan Albright

Following a recent outbreak of measles in Minnesota, the familiar battle cries of the anti-vaccine movement and their detractors are being heard yet again.

On the one side, you have people who claim that vaccines are bad for kids — a scam perpetrated by the medical profession that could lead to serious health consequences. On the other, you have those who are worried about herd immunity and who think that anti-vaxxers should be forced to comply with medical recommendations for the good of society as a whole.

Personally, I take a somewhat more nuanced position in this ongoing argument. First, the facts: I do not believe that vaccines are harmful to children. …

It’s Open Enrollment, and ObamaCare Is Still Awful

November 14, 2017 by Logan Albright

Well, it’s open enrollment season again, that festive time of year when we all realize just how much money we are throwing away on medical insurance that barely functions. Every year, I almost forget just how much damage Obamacare has done to the country, but every November the federal government makes sure to remind me.

Last year, I received exactly zero dollars’ worth of benefit from my mandatory policy. In a sense, this is a good thing; I’m healthy and don’t have to see a doctor very often. But on the other hand, it seems ridiculous that I’m forced by law to buy a policy that I’m not using. …

The Death of the Tea Party

November 14, 2017 by Matt Kibbe

The Tea Party has been a force for limited government for nearly a decade, but now that the House Freedom Caucus is supporting $1.5 trillion in new debt, has it all been for nothing? As one of the earliest Tea Party organizers, Matt Kibbe weighs in.

Are Europe’s Burqa Bans a Good Idea?

November 7, 2017 by Logan Albright

The Canadian province of Quebec has passed a law requiring women who receive public services to remove face coverings that are often employed by strict adherents to Islam, including the full burqa and niqab.

This follows a string of European countries including Denmark, France, Austria, and Belgium, which have passed similar burqa bans as a response to widespread immigration from Muslim countries. As the trend reaches North America, one wonders how long it will be before analogous legislation is suggested in our own country.

Obviously, these countries lack the United States’ explicit constitutional protection of religious freedom. But whether legal or not, is banning the burqa a good idea? …